New York Times trying to silence Breitbart, published hit piece littered with false allegations and made up “facts”

After failing to push their preferred presidential contender, the corrupt Hillary Clinton, across the finish line Nov. 8, the discredited ‘mainstream’ media is now attempting to destroy the new, alternative media that reported honestly and truthfully about her opponent, President-elect Donald J. Trump.

As reported by Breitbart, the news site is now being targeted by The New York Times, in what seems like a naked attempt to deny the site revenues it needs to operate. In a pair of op-eds for a recent Times Sunday Review, the supposed ‘paper of record’ attacked Breitbart and its founder, the late Andrew Breitbart, a diehard conservative, while encouraging the site’s destruction in a direct appeal to advertisers, asking they withdraw all of their support.

One of the pieces, “How to Destroy the Business Model if Breitbart and Fake News,” which is written by someone actually named “Pagan Kennedy,” encourages and celebrates the waning, failing effort of Twitter trolls who have attempted to target and intimidate companies whose advertisements appear with Brietbart News articles, via third-party platforms, the site noted.

So in other words, it’s okay to publish far-Left, out-of-the-mainstream drivel, but gag opinions and facts that you find inconvenient. Got it.

“These would-be censors of the totalitarian left have decided that since they cannot defeat conservative views and arguments on the merits, they would prefer to eliminate them” altogether, Breitbart says in response.

Not so surprisingly, the Times’ editorial board, which is consistently to the left of Che Guevara, gave its approval to a nearly 2,000-word piece calling for tactics that would stifle Breitbart’s voice, all while touting how the paper is some guardian of free speech and freedom of the press. Hypocrisy much, NYT?

The Times article includes instructions on how to join in the anti-Breitbart effort, copied verbatim (Step 1… Step 2…) from an anonymous activists’ Twitter page.  And while Breitbart News is the “biggest fish,” the anonymous group makes it clear that it “would like to broaden its campaign to take on a menagerie of bad actors”—all defined by the group, of course, based on nothing more than political differences of opinion.

It seems very important to the management of The New York Times, itself a major purveyor of fake news and journo-terrorism, that the failing, anti-constitutional and undemocratic effort to censor and shutter Breitbart be given new life, because they have permitted a number of embarrassing factual errors and omissions to be put in the article, undermining “Pagan” and the paper itself. Namely:

— Misidentifying Steven K. Bannon, hired by President-elect Donald J. Trump as a senior advisor, calling him a “former editor” when he was actually the company’s Executive Chairman;

— Using the term “neo-Nazi” twice, without offering proof (which does not exist) that Breitbart News subscribes to neo-Nazi views (the site even has a Jerusalem Bureau and is one of the most pro-Israel on the web);

— Accusing the news site of using corporations to “shield” it from “bullying and hate crimes” (the Left uses the same language and playbook to smear everyone), again without offering any proof or examples;

— Misstating how Internet advertising actually works (the ‘progressive’ companies appearing on the site are not “paying Breitbart News”).

Breitbart then went on to provide several examples of when the Times manufactured stories (fake news) to smear conservatives and others who disagree with Left-wing ideology. In regards to “hate,” the Times has published no shortage of pieces from actual purveyors of hate, including terrorists and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is the Left’s boogeyman now but who the Times gave a platform to in 2013.

In a second piece, English travel writer Jonathan Raban concocts a ridiculously false narrative tying Trump’s rise to another boogeyman of the Left, the Tea Party. That piece—“The Tea Party and the Art of the Mean Joke”—is so brutally dishonest and incredibly stupid in its conclusions that only the tone-deaf editorial board at the Times would feed it to its like-minded sycophantic readership.

The Left-wing media’s attempt to destroy alternative voices is nothing new, but once upon a time it was much easier to do because there were so few competitive voices. That’s not the case anymore—not by a long shot—and that’s got the establishment press in a tizzy. So it is lashing out at its more honest and respected competitors, which means they are also lashing out at the massive segment of the American public that reads, trusts and respects the alternative press.

That includes, of course, Breitbart News.


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